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Page 2 - Chirpy and Leah Arrive
Page 3 - Let Me Introduce You
Page 4 - The Wallet
Page 5 - If God Had Voice Mail
Page 6 - Can You Guess?
Page 7 - Computer Tips & Tricks
Page 8 - Links of Interest
Page 9 - Look What We Found!
Page 10 - Differences -- England vs. America
Page 11 - Answer to "Can You Guess?"
Page 12 - Tips For Microsoft Word

Corretif Explorer v1.00 [1.1M] W9x FREE

We've all had Explorer crash on us once, twice, or seventy-three times per day. When this happens, your "startup" programs are still in memory, but they're no longer accessible from the system tray. The way to get around this is to simply restart Windows. That's fine if you aren't working on anything else important at the time. Normally, though, you are - and nothing you're working on from those inaccessible apps can be saved. It's not like you were just sitting there staring at the monitor, right? Using this program, you can simply click "Repair" and have everything return to normal without having to reboot.  Try it! You might like it.
Outlook Add-in: Personal Folders Backup

Backing up your Microsoft Outlook information is quicker and easier with the Personal Folders Backup feature. Personal Folders Backup creates backup copies of your .PST files at regular intervals, making it easy to keep all of your Outlook folders safely backed up. With Personal Folders Backup, you can choose which of your .PST files you wish to back up, and how often you wish to back them up. Each .PST file contains all of your Outlook folders, including the Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts.  Folders Backup lets you back up any or all of these .PST files."

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We've all had Explorer crash on us once, twice, or seventy-three times per day

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