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Last time you heard about the untimely passing of Blue but let me tell you a little more about her owner, Lisa.  Lisa is my daughter and my first born. She arrived one Valentine's Day and although there were moments (as with any children) I have not regretted my decision to have her. She came into my life at a time I was trying to figure out this thing called adulthood and I can safely say she helped in that process for me. Events surrounding her birth was a difficult time for me and during that time my then neighbor, friend, mentor, and second Mom, Eunice was immeasurably good to me. So it was with joy that I named Lisa after her in choosing her middle name. Thus she became Lisa Eunice. Eunice can likely tell you some "Lisa" stories of her own but we will save those for another issue of England News. When you first meet her, you get the impression she is aloof but it isn't long before you realize she is quite outgoing, friendly, and compassionate. What she thinks about you will be immediately apparent on her face and she gets teased often about how obvious her thoughts are. Cross her and you will wish you hadn't and her temper is legendary. However, her friends and family adore her and a more loyal friend you won't have. Her interests include her animals (and they have been known to be varied and many) including her passion for horses. Even as I write this she has rescued a 3-year old Great Dane (Gage) and a 4 month old puppy Great Dane (Zeus) who was scheduled to go to the SPCA and ultimately destroyed. As you might guess, they are both permanent resi dents now. Her first fishing tripů oh well, that's for another issue but suffice it to say her animals are most important to her and if you love her then you must love them too. She is an Office Manager of the support staff in a hospital and makes her home in Georgia, USA. I miss her tremendously but we both do our best to stay in touch. You can find out more by going to her website, I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

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Lisa and Cloud
Lisa (pictured with Cloud -- a horse she used to own)
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When you first meet her, you get the impression she is aloof but it isn't long before you realize she is quite outgoing, friendly, and compassionate. 

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