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Lisa's Home

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Lisa & Gene


Just a little tribute to the nice time I spent with Lisa (my daughter) and Gene (her boyfriend), and not pictured are Gauge (her Great Dane)  Lady and Misty (her horses).

I arrived January 12th (an interesting experience for another time) and was pleasantly surprised to join them for a short stay (a month) that ended up being much longer.  There is much that can be said about my stay but suffice it to say it was mostly a pleasant visit.

Lisa went out of her way to make sure the visit was an enjoyable one and she enlisted the aid of Gene, Gauge and later Misty and Lady all of whom contributed to my time there.

Lisa and Gene make their home in Georgia (USA) and the weather there was great most of the time.  Coming from England where it was beginning the cold winter weather, it was pleasant to walk into 60-degree weather and rising to the 70's before the visit's end.

Looking to the left of this page you will find the fantastic surroundings I found myself looking out on each day.  The home is set on 30 wooded acres.  There are pastures cleared (just ask Gene about his aching muscles) for the horses and a mowed area surrounding the house.  The rest is wooded area with paths to follow if you care to enjoy a pleasant walk through the woods.

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