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For some time we have been expecting to get a puppy to complete our little group and finally the day was fast approaching. I was geared and ready for a puppy (and believe me that takes some preparation -- mind, body and spirit)! It was then I heard Russ say "there's a lovebird here in the paper.  What do you think?" Having grown accustomed to Russ's ability to spring things on me, I slowly turned and said "A love bird?" To which he replied "It's cuddly, the ad says." It was then I heard myself saying "Sure...why not?" Why not, indeed. "Let's go look at it then" and before I knew it, we were out in Lucy (the Land Rover) and headed to see the "cuddly" lovebird. "Yeah, right" I said. "How can a bird be cuddly?" It is true. Chirpy is cuddly although he sits with Russ and helps him on the computer, comments on what we are watching on television. I am still admiring him from afar and from outside of his cage when he is inside. I'm sure I will soon work up to holding him but for now, I'll enjoy Russ holding him. We paid our deposit and went back a week later for our newest addition to the family. Imagine my surprise when Russ appeared from the roof/attic with three cages to choose from. (I really must get up there some time and see just what is up there) but we weren't through yet. As there was still the matter of a puppy.  It happened much the same way. Russ looked in the paper only to discover a red Staffie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) which was what color and kind we agreed we wanted. Just turns out Leah was waiting there for us.  She was the last of the litter and we both fell in love with her as soon as we saw her. She has fit in well with Chirpy (I think they have a secret language they speak to each other) and my life will be forever changed. Memories of 2:00 feedings came hauntingly back but I must say even though it takes some rearranging of our lives, we are both very glad to have her. She has had a few "accidents" but we are coming to an understanding with her. I am sure you will here more tales about Chirpy and Leah in future issues of The England News.  Stay tuned..


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Chirpy - 12/2001

Leah - 12/2001

Photos by Martin Shaw

Imagine my surprise when Russ appeared from the roof/attic with three cages to choose from.

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