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Page 6 - Can You Guess?
Page 7 - Computer Tips & Tricks
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Page 9 - Look What We Found!
Page 10 - Differences -- England vs. America
Page 11 - Answer to "Can You Guess?"
Page 12 - Tips For Microsoft Word

The USPS created this site to highlight some of the most touching and powerful letters ever written. Read letters from ex-presidents and other world leaders, famous authors, artists and more.

Consumer Search
You've almost paid off your credit card, so it's time to go shopping again. Although you may be an indebted consumer, you don't want to be an ill-informed one, and Consumer Search will help prevent that misfortune. Let's say eating out has put you in the mood for a new treadmill. You're torn between the TrueFitness and the PaceMaster. Consumer Search gives you a number of reviews to choose from, ranks the various products, and even tells you where to go to make your purchase. The nifty comparison chart gives you a graphical interface into all the features, warranties, etc. Rinse and repeat with cars, audio equipment, dishwashers, whatever.

Gobler Toys  is a fake toy store designed to make you laugh. It's a good place to go for some silly fun. And the site does offer a real catalog, filled with "32 pages of full-color wackiness," including all the fake toys offered on the site.

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