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Card Greeting Ideas


Sometimes it is hard to think up things to say to your
 loved one or friend so this page was developed 
to help you with that idea.  All you have 
to do is copy and paste from this page to 
your card of choice. 
(Click here to create a free card to send)




Your friendship is special to me.
Of acquaintances, there are many.
Of casual friends, there are many.
But close friends--are few,
And I count you a close friend

We can do not great things; only small things with great love, and with you I have great love.

A conversation here.
A conversation there.  A meal.
A trip.  A visit.  A problem faced.
A struggle overcome.  A success
shared.  Little by little, our friendship has grown.
It has been a pleasure being your friend.

The more I know about you, the more I know of love.

I don't think it was luck that our paths crossed.
Your friendship is one of God's gifts designed
especially for me.

Sharing the happy-nings in my life with you
has given to me and doubled my pleasure.
And when the bad times came, the disappointments,
You were there to share these too.
Your love has made the bad times good,
and the good times better.

When I consider my past--all my
memories as a child, as a youth,
and as an adult--the most vivid
memories are not of events but
of friends.  I've come to mark and
measure my life by the friends
I've been privileged to know.
It has been a privilege to know you.

In so many situations, you have
been the difference between
failure and success for me.
Thank you for being my backup.
We make a great team!
Thanks for being my lover, my friend
and the difference between
failure and success.

I'm often tempted to give up on
myself or my dream too soon.
Thank you for encouraging me
to reach for the stars.

In all the time we've known
each other, you've never
taken unfair advantage of our
relationship.  Thank you
for always wanting what
is best for me and
for being the best for me.

A friend is one who
takes me for what I am.
--Henry David Thoreau
We've gone through
emotional highs and
emotional lows.
Our friendship is not
threatened by either--
it grows with both.

Our love ebbs
and flows in its intensity.
When I have a problem
that pulls me ashore like
the tide, you move toward
me like a swift current
to offer concern.
When I'm feeling free
and independent, you let me
ride the waves alone.


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