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These books are priced individually but can be purchased in the same way. Go to Used Books and find purchase information at the bottom of the page. All books are in good condition unless otherwise noted and all books are readable, complete. Those that have purchased from me in the past know what great condition my books are in. I don't send out anything I wouldn't want to receive.

Books on this page are paperback, alphabetical by Title or use Search Utility at the bottom of the page.

A Rumor Of Love, Arlene James
From the moment she felt herself lifted onto Rodrigo Aviles's saddle, Rebecca Harper knew she had definitely wandered off the tourist trail in Baja. Trekking across the desert on horseback with the don of a small mountain village certainly wasn't an experience from the pages of a guidebook. But Rebecca hadn't come to sightsee...She'd come to find her real family.
Romance (Special Edition #664) Price: 25

A Margin In Time, Laura Hayden
Framed for embezzlement, J. Barrett Callan V's only hope is to travel back in time to the wild west. Barrett is the spitting image of his great-great-grandfather, except he can't ride, rope, spit, or resist the charms of schoolmarm, Emma Nolan.
Romance (Time Travel) Price: 50

A Touch Of Camelot, Donna Grove
Gwin dreams that her own Sir Lancelot will appear and rescue her from a difficult life. When she and her younger brother become the sole witnesses to a murder, a Pinkerton detective arrives to investigate. With one look, Gwin recognizes the detective's face--from last night's dream.
Romance (Historical) Price: 50

Angels In The Light, Margot Dalton
Abby did not believe in miracles and she certainly didn't believe in near-death experiences which was why she was unenthusiastic about a story on the topic. But then, Brad, reentered Abby's life as one of her NDE subjects. Not the immature, selfish Brad who'd simply taken off when she'd needed him most, but a gentle, sensitive man who wanted her to know miracles do happen.
Romance (Superromance #576)  Price: 25

Aspen Gold, Janet Dailey
Talented actress Kit Masters returns home to settle her father's estate and realizes she must choose between her career and a man she has not seen for ten years--the man she still loves.
Romance  Price: 50

Breathless, Margie Walker
Hiring a new manager to help with her theft-ridden club, Monique Robbins is unprepared for the sudden chemistry between her and Solomon, a bitter, divorced man who becomes vows to uncover the dangerous saboteur who threatens them.
Romance  Price: 50

For My Lady's Heart, Laura Kinsale
A young English knight caught in the plots and secrets of court life faces certain death until Princess Melanthe takes pity on him, gifting the stranger with two emeralds. As the legendary Green Knight, he will return to fight for her honor
Romance (Historical)  Price: 50

Forever Tree, Rosanne Bittner
Moving to California to build a logging empire, New Englander Will Lassater falls in love with Santana, a Spanish beauty bound by her heritage to marry a man who vows to kill Will if he tries to get in the way.
Romance (Historical)  Price: 50

Getting Hitched, Ann Justice
When Mary Taylor sends for a mail-order husband, it seems like it's love at first sight. But in the heat of their wedding plans, they find that marriage is a gift to cherish--and that true love takes time.
Romance (Historical) - (A Town Called Harmony Series)   Price: 50

The Glory Game, Janet Dailey
Luz Kincaid Thomas has everything--wealth, two lovely teenagers, prestige, beauty, and love--until her husband leaves her for a younger woman. Suddenly, adrift, Luz confronts fear, loneliness and the rebellion of her son and daughter. When she meets magnetic Argentine, a champion polo player, Luz senses unexpected depths of passion--and finds herself competing with her daughter for this younger man. The moving, dramatic story of a woman's struggle to discover new pride, new confidence, and the courage to love again.
Romance  Price: 50

In Sinful Harmony, Marilyn Pappano
Follows the interwoven stories of a young librarian who risks her reputation for a man who entices her, a secretive man who has come back to town, an aging matriarch who hides mysterious intentions, and a woman who has lied about her child's paternity.
Romance  Price: 50

Journey To Desire, Catherine Lyndell
Despite the fire glowing in her windblown hair and defiant heart, Tessie Gallagher had yet to find true happiness in a man's arms. When she arrived in the mysterious land she had dreamt of since childhood, she was stunned to encounter the love of her wild-hearted youth. Tessie vowed not to give the handsome enigma called Jason Lancaster the chance to hurt her again...or would she.
Romance (Historical)  Price: 50

The Last Duke, Andrea Kane
Lady Daphne Wyndham is the only child of the brutal Marquis of Tragmore. Risking a beating each time she sneaks away to help the local vicar, Daphne fantasizes about the legendary Tin Cup Bandit, who robs the rich to aid the poor. His scandalous exploits inflame her rebellious spirit and fire her romantic imagination. And when he appears in her bedroom, she suspects all her wild dreams may come true.
Romance (Historical)  Price: 50

  Man Of My Dreams, Johanna Lindsey
The most desirable beauty in the land sets her amorous sights on Ambrose St. James, Duke of Wrothston. But the redhead finds her single-minded quest derailed by the charms of an uncommonly handsome stable boy--who is really Sir Ambrose in disguise.
Romance (Historical)  Price: 50

new2.gif (1612 bytes)Mountain Angel, Patricia McAllister
Orphaned, alone, and penniless after the death of her father, Angel McCloud puts her life and future in the hands of the stranger she weds by proxy, her father's former partner in a Colorado gold mine, Holt Murphy.
Romance (Historical)  Price: 25

Promised Sunrise, Robin Lee Hatcher
Disillusioned by the War Between the States and the loss of his beloved Twin Willows Plantation, Tucker set out on the rugged Oregon trail, leaving everything behind to make a fresh start for his family. 
Romance (Historical)  Price: 50

Race Against Time, Lynn Price Turner
Accidentally switching places with a woman from the past, Samantha Cook finds herself facing a murder trial in 1941, while Valerie Herrick falls into a disaster in 1995, and romance is destined to save the day for both.
Romance (Time Travel)  Price: 50



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