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StarTrekMovieMemories.gif (5098 bytes)Star Trek Movie Memories by William Shatner - Continuing the memoir that began with Star Trek Memories, William Shatner discusses his experiences during the productions of the first six ""Star Trek"" films while providing humorous anecdotes of what happened behind the scenes.  (Papeback Nonfiction)

DoloresClaiborne.gif (4278 bytes)Dolores Claiborne
by Stephen King, The story unfolds in one continuous chapter, told in the first person by the cranky, 65-year-old housekeeper, Dolores, who is explaining to police officers and a stenographer how and why she killed her husband, Joe, 30 years ago. At the same time, in her rambling monologue, she insists that she did not kill her longtime employer, Vera Donovan--notwithstanding what the residents of Little Tall Island may be whispering. Joe was a drinker, and, as Dolores gradually argues, he deserved to die for the horrifying crimes he committed against his family. (Paperback Suspense)

A Man's Touch by Debra Falcon, When Cougar, a half-Cheyenne Indian renegade whose home is the Colorado mountains, meets the willful New York debutante Rozalie Gaylord, he changes from a hard-hearted loner to a man willing to risk everything for love. (Paperback Romance)

Lie Down In Roses.gif (4501 bytes)Lie Down in Roses by Shannon Drake - The willful Lady Genevieve would do anything to save her beloved Edenby Castle--even if she had to share the name and the bed of her most treacherous foe, Lord Tristan. They were born to be enemies and destined to be lovers--players in a perilous game of intrigue and passion where the price was one woman's innocence and the prize was one man's heart. (Paperback Romance)

Buy Princess Of Fire today!Princess of Fire by Shannon Drake, smoldering story of a land divided by treachery and a man and woman bound by passion. Although Alaric, a mighty Norman warrior, rescues Fallon from certain death, she tries desperately to resist this seductive enemy who vows to conquer her with a love that will turn her heart to fire. (Paperback Historical Romance)

So Many Partings by Cathy Cash Spellman, From the emerald fields of Drumgillan Manor to the teeming shanties of New York...Tom Dalton arrived in America to claim his share of glittering bury a past rooted in poverty, shame, and the seething turbulence of forge a glorious empire and avenge an ancient wrong. (Papaerback Fiction)

Dream Weaver by Laurel Collins, For Charlotte Devereaux, there is only one way to avenge her father's senseless death: by hunting down his killer. Her quest takes her from the bustling docks of New Orleans to the gold mountains of the Colorado Territory, where a shoot-out leaves her wounded...and on the run from the law. (Paperback Historical Romance)

Buy Bitter Sweet by Lavyrle Spencer today!Bitter Sweet by LaVyrle Spencer, Separated for some twenty-three years, a pair of former high-school sweethearts find a second chance at love with each other and must overcome past wrongs in order to be happy together. Returning to her hometown with her teenage daughter, a widowed Maggie sparks a dream for happiness in Eric, who is trapped in an unwanted marriage and is willing to risk the consequences of infidelity in his love for Maggie.(Paperback Romance)

Dreams by Rebecca Forster - At the peak of her Hollywood career, actress Sass Brandt had everything she could ever want. Until a haunting novel about an Irishwoman torn between her husband and secret lover touched a chord deep within her. She vowed to find the man behind the story that had changed her life, and to discover for herself what it truly means to love. (Paperback Romance)

TheClient.gif (10829 bytes)The Client by John Grisham - In a weedy lot on the outskirts of memphis, two boys watch a shiny Lincoln pull upt ot the curb... Eleven-year-old Mark Sway and his younger brother were sharing a forbidden cigarrette when a chance encounter with a suicidal laywer left Mark knowing a bloody and explosive secret: the whereabouts of the most sought-after dead body in America. Now Mark is caught between a legal system gone mad and a mob killer desperate to cover up his crime. And his only ally is a woman named Reggie Love, who has been a lawyer for all of four years. Prosecutors are willing to break all the rules to make Mark talk. The mob will stop at nothing to keep him quiet. And Reggie will do anything to protect her client -- even take a last, desperate gamble that could win Mark his freedom... or cost them both their lives. (Paperback Fiction)

MacAu by Daniel Carney, An epic novel of action and adventure set against a backdrop of Oriental splendor, mind-staggering poverty and exotic mystery. A sweeping saga of passion, power and betrayal in the grand tradition of Shogun and Tai-Pan. (Paperback Fiction)

Beloved Captain by Jo Ann Simon - Catherine Sternwood's Nantucket home was a quiet retreat from her busy life. The lovely old house breathed the serenity of its 200 years, and she quickly discovered, something more...Catherine was sharing the premises with the devilishly handsome Lucien Blythe, a wealthy merchant captain who had lived there a century and a half earlier--and had vanished without a trace. Yet here he was, a man of flesh and breathing passion, seizing Catherine's heart and capturing her in the spellbinding grip of a love that was undeniable--and impossible. (Paperback Romance)

Amanda Rose.gif (15608 bytes)Amanda Rose by Karen Robards - Amanda Rose was an English beauty determined to escape the loveless marriage imposed on her by her cruel stepbrother. She never dreamed a mysterious rogue from the New World would enter her life. Amanda's promise not to betray Matt Grayson, a wounded fugitive, was soon replaced by a deeper vow. Now a cruel twist of fate threw them together as enemies, instead of lovers. (Paperback Romance)

indianajones.gif (14331 bytes)Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone by Max McCoy, Adventurer Indiana Jones' quest is for a stolen manuscript rumored to contain formulas for transmuting lead into gold and for achieving eternal life. On the trail of a missing British alchemist and an insane Renaissance scholar, Indy travels to Rome, where he learns that the manuscript is actually a map to an ancient crypt, wherein lies a magnificent discovery. (Paperback Adventure)

ZERO by Eric Van Lustbader, Although American painter Michael Doss has been schooled in the ancient ways of the warrior, he leads a quiet life. Until the tragic death of his father ignites the warrior spirit in his blood that will not be quenched until he uncovers the secret of his father's enigmatic life. His journey plunges him into a dangerous underworld, where he finds himself in lethal combat with a sinister Japanese organization that is bent on destroying the United States through global economic chaos. Doss is trapped. His only chance for survival is a final confrontation, face to face, with the vile assassin behind it all, Zero. (Paperback Fiction)

MallorysOracle.gif (6280 bytes)Mallory's Oracle by Carol O'Connell - athleen Mallory, an extraordinary wild child turned New York City detective, is propelled onto the street when her adoptive father--a police inspector--is found stabbed to death next to the body of a wealthy woman. The murders are linked to two homicides her father had been investigating and now his cases become Mallory's, his death her cause. (Paperback Novel)

A Secret Splendor by Sandra Brown - Arden Gentry has lost one son. Can she regain her other son--the one she gave up at birth? And does she risk losing her husband when past secerts threaten to resurface? Sandra Browntakes her readers on an emotional roller coaster wit h her latest novel of a mother's love for her son and the secrets that could destroy everything she treasures. (Paperback Romance)

Love and Honor by Leslie Arlen - This is the story of the Borodins, one of the families who for centuries steered the golden destiny of Russia, amid the sabled Court of the Tsars. The dynasty that rode high to the crest of power--only to reach the bring of a rebl-torn New Age. Bound by pride, the Borodins must stand against the fated forces that threaten their priceless birthright. (Paperback General Fiction)

Love In Another Town.gif (6534 bytes)Love In Another Town by Barbara Taylor Bradford - Moving to Connecticut to escape from her estranged family, interior designer Maggie Sorrell falls in love with much younger Jake Cantrell and must overcome the disapproval of others and her past in order to forge a new life with him. (Paperback Romance)

FollowTheSun.gif (7328 bytes)Follow the Sun by Deborah Smith - The Cherokee Prophecy. Here at last, in one thrilling volume, is the  acclaimed Cherokee Trilogy, three contemporary stories of passion and adventure. It is the dramatic sago of 3 independent, beautiful women bound by the legacy of their noble Cherokee ancestors, and searching for love and fulfillment. SUNDANCE AND THE PRINCESS, TEMPTING THE WOLF, KAT'S TALE. (Paperback Romance)

PerfectJustice.gif (5531 bytes)Perfect Justice by William Bernhardt, Bernhardt introduces unusual characters and story lines in his latest murder mystery. Ben Kincaid, a "big-city" lawyer from Tulsa on vacation in Alabama, gets roped into taking on a case that is more than he bargained for. A white-supremacy group, the Anglo-Saxon Patrol (ASP), has invaded the small town of Silver Springs to drive away the "gooks"--Vietnamese living in a local camp. The citizens are disturbed by the ASP's presence, and tensions mount even further when a Vietnamese boy is discovered dead. Kincaid defends the accused ASP member-- "but even hatemongering fascists deserve representation." The town doesn't take to Kincaid, and his investigation nearly falls flat. Things change, however, when Belinda Hamilton--a lawyer and founder of Hatewatch, which has set up an office to help deter ASP's actions--finally agrees to help Kincaid get access to otherwise unattainable information. (Paperback Fiction)

White Heather.gif (14734 bytes)White Heather by Helene Lehr - Diana is a fiery clanswoman who can wield a sword like a man and a sharp-tongued beauty with the courage to protect her people. But when rival clan leader Thorton MacKendrick takes Diana captive, nothing can protect the young beauty from the sinful pleasure that awaits her. From the author of The Passionate Rebel. (Paperback Historical Romance)

Silver Lining by Christiane Heggan - When Diana Wells, the beautiful owner of one of Sausalito's hottest restaurants, becomes embroiled in a bitter custody case, she vows to fight -- to the death, if necessary. But when her adversary, millionaire playboy Travis Lindford is found dead, the cops come knocking on Diana's door. With the help of Kane Sanders, famed criminal attorney (and Travis' best friend) they search for the real killer, but find each other on the way. Great reading!  (Paperback Fiction)

Buy Horsewhisperer today!
The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans, One morning while teenage Grace Maclean is riding Pilgrim, her goofy, loveable pony, she has a horrendous glass-shattering, bone-splintering, ligament-wrenching meeting with a megaton truck that leaves her and her four-legged friend damaged in mind, body, and spirit. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, her jaded, brilliant, bitchy mom  is working out a wrinkle in her self-absorbed existence when she gets a call at her plush, Manhattan office about Grace's accident. Racked with guilt, Graves makes it her calling to find the mythical horse whisperer, an equine Zen master who has the ability to heal horses (and broken souls) with soothing words and a gentle touch. (Paperback Fiction)

SWEET ENEMY MINE by Ana Leigh, The Fraswers and the Gordons--they had been enemies from time immemorial.  So, young and innocent as she was, lovely Breyandra Fraswer knew there could be no more unsuitable mate for her then David Gordon.  But love honors no battle lines. Imprisoned in David's highland castle, captivated by his raw masculinity, Breyandra forgot the ancient enmity of their clans. (Paperback Historical Romance)

Buy The Complete & Up-To-Date Fat Book todayThe Complete & Up-To-Date Fat Book : A Guide to the Fat, Calories, and Fat Percentages in Your Food by Karen J. Bellerson, The title of this book does not lie: it tells you the fat content of every food imaginable, from raw alligator (14 percent of its calories are derived from fat) to zucchini (9 percent, unless you're talking about Ore-Ida breaded zucchini, which has eight grams of fat per serving). The back of the book contains a useful guide to the fat in fast-food and chain-restaurant fare (Denny's Moons Over My Hammy has 66 grams of fat, which is a full day's worth for many people). (Paperback Nonfiction)

atimetokill.gif (11928 bytes)  A Time To Kill by John Grisham, Carl Lee Hailey gets an M-16 from the Chicago hoodlum he'd saved at Da Nang, wastes the rapists on the courthouse steps, then turns to attorney Jake Brigance, who needs a conspicuous win to boost his career. Folks want to give Carl Lee a second medal, but how can they ignore premeditated execution? The town is split, revealing its social structure. Blacks note that a white man shooting a black rapist would be acquitted; the KKK starts a new Clanton chapter; the NAACP, the ambitious local reverend, a snobby, Harvard-infested big local firm, and others try to outmaneuver Jake and his brilliant, disbarred drunk of an ex-law partner. Jake hits the books and the bottle himself. Crosses burn, people die, crowds chant "Free Carl Lee!" and "Fry Carl Lee!" in the antiphony of America's classical tragedy. (Paperback Fiction)


ThunderOnThePlains.gif (6237 bytes)Thunder on the Plains
by Rosanne Bittner, A sweeping frontier romance and unforgettable novel of love from the bestselling author of Tennesse Bride. Heiress Sunny Landers is devoted to her father's dream of building a transcontinental railroad. And on the wagon train West, she discovers the glories of the unsettled country and Colt Travis, the frontiersman who would be her destiny. (Paperback Historical Romance)

The Lady and the Lawman by Betty Winslow - Determined Amanda Jefferson teamed up with a Texas Ranger to catch the men who murdered her father. From the moment Slade McAllister touched her lips with his bold kisses, Amanda knew he could melt her defenses and put her mission in peril. (Paperback Historical Romance)


bossofbosses.gif (5769 bytes)Boss of Bosses : The Fall of the Godfather : The FBI and Paul Castellano by Joseph F. O'Brien, In 1983, FBI agents O'Brien and Kurins planted a microphone in Paul Castellano's opulent Staten Island mansion. The 600 hours of recordings led to eight criminal trials, and precipitated this critically-acclaimed and revealing look inside the Mafia. (Paperback Nonfiction)

farpavilions.gif (6502 bytes)The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye, A monumental, internationally best-selling novel set in nineteenth-century India weaves a vast tapestry of love, war, and adventure in the foothills of the towering Himalayas. (Paperback Fiction)


NIGHT SHALL OVERTAKE US by Kate Saunders, Four women take a pledge of eternal friendship shortly before World War I as the world they have known descends into chaos and their different destinies, which include obsession, murder, and insanity, begin to be played out. (Paperback Fiction)

Clara's Promise by Shirley Hailstock - At 15, Clara married a man 20 years her senior, and settled in to help him run his farm and raise his kids. At 21, she ran away from the unhappy marriage and headed for Montana to start anew. There, she meets Luke Evans, a struggling widower. It will take courage, desire and one unusual matchmaker to help Luke and Clara let go of the past and hold on to each other. (Paperback Historical Romance)

sacredclowns.gif (6356 bytes)SACRED CLOWNS by Tony Hillerman, It's difficult to find new superlatives to describe Hillerman's work. Everything he writes is an instant best-seller, and Hillerman himself is revered by colleagues and fans alike. The secrets of his success are many: his unique and charismatic characters; his authentic descriptions of Native American customs and social structures; his clever, catchy plots; and the genuine warmth and appeal of his writing. And all those attributes are certainly present in his latest novel, which features Navaho tribal policemen Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. Unorthodox maverick Chee hates detail, solves crimes using flashes of intuition and leaps of logic, and works best solo. Leaphorn is the yin to Chee's yang, attacking tough cases with hard work, persistence, and logic--playing strictly by the book. But with a heavy caseload (including two murder cases, a hit-and-run accident, a possible bribery and corruption scandal within the tribe, and a counterfeit racket involving sacred tribal artifacts) and some tricky personal problems (a love match with a lady lawyer for Chee, a trip to China with a female professor for Leaphorn), the two quickly learn the importance of understanding and teamwork. (Paperback Fiction)

My Teacher Flunked The Planet! A Book For The Kids!My Teacher Flunked The Planet by Bruce Coville, Peter Thompson, a typical seventh-grader, finds himself touring the planet with his friends Susan Simmons and Duncan Dougal, and three aliens in disguise! Their mission? To file the final report that will determine Earth's future in the universe. As the clock ticks away the hours before their meeting in space, the tour becomes weirder and weirder. The three friends come face to face with a plague of poots and "Big Julie" - the weirdest alien yet! Meanwhile, Peter discovers a secret hidden for decades. Will his discovery save the Earth, or is it already too late to stop the aliens from destroying the planet? (Reading Level 9-12 years old - Paperback Fiction)

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