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February 2002
Page 2 - Happy Valentines Day!
Page 3-Let Me Introduce You
Page 4-Black History
Page 5-The Wallet (continued)
Page 6-Can You Guess?
Page 7-Words of Inspiration
Page 8-Laugh With Us
Page 9-Valentines Day Links
Page 10-Discovered Useful Downloads
Page 11-Answers to "Can You Guess"
Page 12-Poetry For The Soul

From the many wonderful people I have met and from the wealth of people I already know, I decided for this Valentine's Day issue it would be nice to re-introduce you to Russ.  Without him, we would have no newsletter; no web site and I would not be as happy and fulfilled as I am.

We have spent two years committed to each other and one year of that has been in the same location.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not together geographically, however we are as close as ever.

Those that know Russ know him to be honest, loving, loyal (to a fault), and has a great sense of humor. He makes me laugh all the time and even in times of adversity, he is still able to help me see the positive to everything. He has all the qualities a woman likes in a man. He is loving, protective, responsible and many more to numerous to mention here. As difficult as organizing the immigration to England has been, he is solidly at my side. Even though I require lots of attention, he is always around to give itů Sound like I've found the perfect man? Well, surely he is as perfect as it gets. This will be my third Valentines Day knowing him and although we have an ocean between us, he does all he can to make me feel special, loved, and close. I am sure we will spend many more happy Valentines Days together and I will remember to treasure each one. It is nice to know that love really does conquer all and having Russ's love is the best Valentines Day gift of all.

The beauty of our garden
touched with sweetest dew
the velvet flowers kissed with love
with special thoughts of you

I love you Russ

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