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February 2002
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Such a special day for two people who are so much in love. Ironically enough, England does not celebrate in quite the same way as America does. However, Russ has graciously decided to celebrate with me in an American way.  Last year we were together and Russ made sure it was quite special.  This year is different as we will not be together due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be apart with an ocean between us. So for those of you are with the one you love, hug them and be grateful you are together. For those who have lost their loved one for some reason, then think about the good times and be glad you had them.

Valentines Day has special significance to my daughter and I as that was when I first met herů.she was born on Valentines Day at 5:30 in the morning (she hasn't liked getting up early in the morning since).  When she was little she felt that it was "interesting" that everyone decided to celebrate her birthday with her. I never had the heart to tell her the holiday was there first and her birthday was coincidental.  And even now, she is quite irritated if love interests decide to "combine" birthday and Valentines Day gifts. She wants separate items. (Isn't that just like an Aquarius?)

The origin of Valentines Day varies from person to person but the following sounds plausible.
The holiday of Valentine's Day probably derives its origins from the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia. In the early days of Rome, fierce wolves roamed the woods nearby. The Romans called upon one of their gods, Lupercus, to keep the wolves away. A festival held in honor of Lupercus was celebrated February 15th. The festival was celebrated as a spring festival. Their calendar was different at that time, with February falling in early springtime.
One of the customs of the young people was name-drawing. On the eve of the festival of Lupercalia the names of Roman girls were written on slips of paper and placed into jars. Each young man drew a slip. The girl whose name was chosen was to be his sweetheart for the year
Legend has it that the holiday became Valentine's Day after a priest named Valentine. Valentine was a priest in Rome at the time Christianity was a new religion. The Emperor at that time, Claudius II, ordered the Roman soldiers NOT to marry or become engaged. Claudius believed that as married men, his soldiers would want to stay home with their families rather than fight his wars. Valentine defied the Emperor's decree and secretly married the young couples. He was eventually arrested, imprisoned, and put to death
Valentine was beheaded on February 14th, the eve of the Roman holiday Lupercalia. After his death, Valentine was named a saint. As Rome became more Christian, the priests moved the spring holiday from the 15th of February to the 14th - Valentine's Day. Now the holiday honored Saint Valentine instead of Lupercus.

I say let's celebrate it as a holiday for lovers and call it Valentines Day.

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