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February 2002
Page 2 - Happy Valentines Day!
Page 3-Let Me Introduce You
Page 4-Black History
Page 5-The Wallet (continued)
Page 6-Can You Guess?
Page 7-Words of Inspiration
Page 8-Laugh With Us
Page 9-Valentines Day Links
Page 10-Discovered Useful Downloads
Page 11-Answers to "Can You Guess"
Page 12-Poetry For The Soul

All those Internet Explorer favorites are sitting there and some of them are no longer do you find out which ones short of clicking on each one? Well here is the answer -- in fact, more than one place to go get the answer and best of all it is FREE (is there any other way?)
You can get AM-Deadlink at Tucows, Webattack

Also if you want to use a regular manager of bookmarks useful in Netscape, Explorer, Opera -- use Powermarks  -- you may have to pay eventually but it seems to be pretty good and does so much more.

Here's another way to validate Internet shortcuts using Windows Explorer, browse to the folder where your favorites reside, and switch the view to "thumbnails". Explorer will put a thumbnail view of the page in the viewing pane.

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